Anthropologisches Kolloquium

Farewell Symposium Prof Dr. Carel van Schaik

16. - 17. November 2018

To celebrate the achievements of Prof Carel van Schaik, who recently retired as director of the institute, we will hold an international symposium in November. Please mark your calendar, details will be posted here soon.

Farewell Symposium Prof Dr. Carel van Schaik

HS 2018

The seminars will take place in the Anthropological Institute Seminar Room (Y42K88 - Time: 17:00)


03. December 2018
Title Re-enacting human-animal encounters in the Pleistocene
Who Mauricio Antón Ortuzar
Affiliation Paleoartist and Scientific Illustrator, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid (S)
Contact Marcia Ponce de León