Anthropolgical Seminar Series

Fall Semester 2022

The seminars will be held in the seminar room
Y42 K-88  Time: 16:00 - 17:00



Genomics and local adaptation in Harbour Porpoises of the North Atlantic and adjacent Waters

  Prof. Dr. Ralph Tiedemann Institute of Biochemistry and Biology
University of Potsdam (DE)
24.10.2022 Dogs in South America: A biological, cultural evolutionary and ethnological survey
  Dr. Cristiana Bertazoni and
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sanchez
Paleontological Institute and Museum
University of Zurich



Using cutting-edge technologies to study animal social cognition

  Dr. Fumihiro Kano Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour, University of Konstanz (D)


The cooperative underpinnings of human communication  
  Prof. Dr. Slawomir Wacewicz Center for Language Evolution Studies
Nicolaus Copernicus University (POL)



Evolution of the human hand: information held within bones, new fossils and the study of living apes

  Prof. Dr. Tracy Kivell    School of Anthropology and Conservation
University of Kent (UK))



Social synchrony across contexts and what it reveals about social interactions and relationships

  Dr. Nora Prior Department of Psychology
Cornell University (USA)



Keeping their cool: Body temperature patterns of wild vervet monkeys

  Prof. Dr. Richard McFarland School of Social Sciences
Nottingham Trent University (UK)