Carel van Schaik

Farewell Symposium
Prof Dr. Carel van Schaik
University of Zürich Irchel
November 16-17 2018 - Y17-M-05

Dear friends, colleagues and other van Schaik-aficionados.

We welcome you to this symposium to honour the many and diverse achievements of the former director of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Zürich.

Let’s get one thing straight from the onset, this is not a farewell symposium to Carel the scientist: primatology/ evolutionary anthropology without him would be like primate social organisations without group-living, tropical phenology without seasonality, mating systems without infanticide, orangutans without culture, callitrichids without cooperative breeding, large brains without expenses, or human nature without a single good book: simply unthinkable, and indisputably far less exciting!

No, this day-and-a-half gathering of former mentors, close colleagues, and students is intended to showcase the breadth of Carel’s academic accomplishments which made him one of the more respected flanged males in primatology and anthropology over the last four decades.

We hope this symposium will leave you as inspired as we are, having worked with Carel on a daily basis over the last few years, and that you will join us in wishing him many more creative years as he will undoubtedly continue to contribute to the field of evolutionary anthropology.

The organizing committee,
Michael Krützen, Judith Burkart, Marcus Gisi, Erik Willems, Tony Weingrill, and Claudia Zebib


Friday - November 16 - 2018

Time Speakers Affiliation Title
09:30     Arrival & coffee
09:55 Michael Krützen University of Zürich (CH) Welcome and Introduction
10:00 Maria van Noordwijk University of Zürich (CH) And the answer is...
10:25 Paulien Hogeweg Utrecht University (NL) Evolution of complexity in (virtual) biotic systems
10:50 Jan van Hooff Utrecht University (NL)

Emotions at a farewell

11:15 Filippo Aureli University of Veracruz (MEX)

Conflict management and fission-fusion dynamics

11:40     Lunch break
13:00 Peter Kappeler DPZ (DE) Three decades of wrestling with monogamy
13:25 Liesbeth Sterck Utrecht University (NL)

The link between VPT and social behaviour

13:50 Sri Suci Utami-Atmoko UNAS (RI) They play, we eat: Meat-eating in two Bornean orang-utan populations
14:15 Serge Wich John Moores University Liverpool (UK) Orang-utan conservation methods: from pen an paper to drones and machine learning
14:40 Charles Nunn Duke University (USA))

The Evolution of Human Sleep

15:05     Coffee break
16:00 Charles Janson University of Montana (USA) The overlooked category of competition: Between-group scramble andt its effects on social ecology
16:25 Rebecca Lewis University of Texas (USA) Power, conflict and cooperation in primates
16:50 Claudia Fichtel DPZ (DE) Cognition and survival: revisited in lemurs
17:15 Erin Vogel Rutgers University (USA) Navigating a feast and famine ecology: nutrition, energetics and health in wild Bornean orang-utans
17:40 Andrew Whiten University  of St.Andrews (UK) The discovery of ape culture
18:05     Informal get-together Irchelbar Irchel Campus, building Y00


Saturday - November 17 - 2018

Time Speakers Affiliation Title
08:30 Judith Burkart University of Zürich (CH)

Callis & co: Cognition, cooperation and communication

08:55 Karin Isler University of Zürich (CH)

Brains and more

09:20 Sonja Koski University of Helsinki (FIN) Connecting personality and cooperation
09:45 Thibaud Gruber University of Geneva (CH) The cognition and ecology of chimpanzee and orang-utan culture (or why I nearly failed my PhD viva)
10:10     Coffee
11:00 Redouan Bshary University of Neuchatel (CH) Animal cooperation; from game theory to ecology to classic ethology and psychology
11:25 Klaus Zuberbühler University of Neuchatel (CH) Primate cognition in the wild
11:50 Erica van de Waal University of Lausanne (CH) Field experiments reveal the scope of social learning in vervet monkeys
12:15 Balthasar Bickel University of Zurich (CH) Biological constraints on language dynamics


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