Livia Gerber

Livia Gerber

Male cooperation in bottlenose dolphins

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Research interests

I am broadly interested in evolutionary biology, mainly in sexual selection and evolutionary explanations for behavioural traits. Since molecular techniques such as genotyping are broadly available, evolutionary biologists finally possess a powerful tool in order to study evolutionary mechanisms. Primates are a feasible group to study the evolution of social organisations as they exhibit not only an extremely large variation of social life but are well-studied and furthermore, can be recognised individually in the wild.

In my masters project I’m working on socio-genetics on long-tailed macaques. I’m investigating not only what can be undertaken on an individual level in order to maximise fitness but as well what influence relatives have. Socio-genetics are an amazing field to work in, as genetic studies can reveal surprising facts about primate lives one would not have thought of from behavioural studies alone. In the end, insights gained from primate studies can help us to understand our own evolution better.