Yvonne Zürcher

Yvonne Zürcher

The dynamics of vocal accommodation in marmoset monkeys. Implications for language evolution

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Research interests

I am interested in animal behavior and study communicative behavior in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) for my PhD thesis. In a first part, I am investigating if different populations of C.jacchus show different dialects and patterns of vocal learning, a process that is rare amongst non-human primates. Further, my project will focus on how animals solve complementary coordination problems, where individuals have to negotiate between different activities which are not beneficial for all group members to the same extent. To answer these questions, I study common marmosets in different situations and with different tasks, mainly focusing on the involvement of vocalizations in the different processes of group coordination



Burkart, J. M., Guerreiro Martins, E., Miss, F., & Zuercher, Y. (2018). From sharing food to sharing information: cooperative breeding and the roots of language. Interaction Studies, 19, 1-2.
Burkart et al 2018_interaction_studies (PDF, 604 KB)