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Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie (IEA) Evolutionary Genetics Group

Sandra Gross

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A species’ identity including its characters, inter- and intraspecific relationships and classification is one of the most important baseline information provided by taxonomy to conduct reliable biological research and make appropriate recommendations for wildlife conservation and management. Currently, this is lacking for some worldwide populations of the family Delphinidae, in particular for the genus Tursiops in Australian waters. Its taxonomic positions has been part of the most controversial, and still on-going debates as both, morphological and genetic data, have not resulted in a commonly accepted place within the taxonomy of Delphinidae. In my MSc thesis, I will further elucidate the taxonomic position, distribution and genetic structure of the genus Tursiops in Australian waters by analysing novel genetic data (autosomal and Y-chromosomal markers) combined with oceanographic factors (such as salinity, water depth, currents and chlorophyll production). This work will enable us for the first time to describe taxonomic units for the genus Tursiops covering almost the entire Australian coastline.

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Sandra Gross

Sandra Gross