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Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie (IEA)



Registration for the conference is free and includes coffee and Apéro.


April 11, 2019 - Y15 G-19


09:30-10:00 Coffee and Registration

10:00-10:30 Welcome and Opening Talk
10:30-12:10 Invited Morning Research Talks (5 talks, 15 minutes each)
12:10-14:00 Participant Networking Lunch (lunch provided).
14:00-15:40 Invited Afternoon Research Talks (5 talks, 15 minutes each)
15:40-16:40 Panel Discussion: The Future of Human Evolution
Questions will be taken from the moderator and the audience for discussion by the Panel.
16:40-18:30 Apéro (free with registration).

Topics of the speaker sessions include human evolution as studied in the fields of Biology, Paleogenomics, Archaeology, Behavioural Ecology, Philosophy, Linguistics, and others.