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Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie (IEA) Computer-Assisted Paleoanthropology

Publications - T. Bienvenu



  • Zollikofer CPE, Bienvenu T, Ponce de León MS (2016).
    Effects of cranial integration on hominid endocranial shape.
    Journal of Anatomy:10.1111/joa.12531.
  • Ponce de León MS, Bienvenu T, Akazawa T, Zollikofer CPE.
    Brain development is similar in Neanderthals and modern humans.
    Current Biology 26, R665-R666.


  • Hrvoj-Mihic B., Bienvenu T., Stefanacci L., Muotri A.R., Semendeferi K. 2013.
    Evolution, development, and plasticity of the human brain: from molecules to bones.
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7:707.


  • Bienvenu T., Guy F., Coudyzer W., Gilissen E., Roualdès G., Vignaud P., Brunet M. 2011.
    Assessing endocranial variations in great apes and humans using 3D data from virtual endocasts.
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology 145:231-246.


  • Bienvenu T., Charles C., Guy F., Lazzari V., Viriot L. 2008.
    Diversity and evolution of the molar radicular complex in murine rodents (Murinae, Rodentia).
    Archives of Oral Biology 53:1030-1036.

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