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Course Catalogs in Anthropology

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Bio 216 Primate Cognitive Evolution

This lecture aims at exploring the current state of the art of research in primate cognition. To do so, we will first provide an overview over the fast growing field of comparative psychology, identifying cognitive capacities across primates in various social and non-social domains, with data from both the wild and captivity. Based on the comparative approach, we will then discuss various hypotheses of primate cognitive evolution that have been proposed to explain this pattern, and ultimately ask whether and how this approach can help us to understand the evolutionary pathways that have led to our own cognitive capacities.

Bio 211 Primate Behaviour

In this course, students will learn how to empirically approach ideas on the evolution of social, cultural and cognitive evolution, by observing primate behavior. Based on the theoretical background acquired in BIO 210 (or equivalent knowledge), participants will develop their own project, and design, execute, analyse and present their observational or experimental study, aimed at testing current ideas in primate behavior. The practical part will take place in Zoo Zurich and the Institute's Primate Station.

Bio 255 Research Internship

Upon agreement; please contact J. Burkart: judith.burkart*

Bio 391 Biologie & Philosophie

Die Grundfragen der Philosophie kann man gemäss Immanuel Kant letztlich in die eine zusammenfassen: Was ist der Mensch? Diese Frage kann heute nicht mehr angemessen gestellt werden, ohne die Ergebnisse der Human- und Naturwissenschaften zu berücksichtigen. In unserem Seminar werden Aspekte dieses zentralen Themas besprochen werden.

Bio 508 Master Theses

Upon agreement; please contact J. Burkart: judith.burkart*