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Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie (IEA)

Research Interests

What are the cause(s) and consequences of (our) social behaviour?
My research aims to provide insights into these questions from evolutionary and interdisciplinary perspectives. I combine ethological research (mostly on cooperatively breeding species living in the wild), comparative ethnographic research (mostly of published ethnographies from the Standard-Cross-Cultural-Sample) and philosophical investigation (mostly normative and meta- ethics).

My current research focuses on
(1) developing methods to infer intentional communication in nonhuman animals,
(2) investigating why human and nonhuman species conceal sex from the sensory perception of conspecifics, and
(3) promoting evolutionary anthropology research that compares humans and nonhuman species that live in similar social structures (e.g., cooperatively breeding species with multi-breeding-unit-structure).

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Social Behaviour

Social Behaviour