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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Alumni ECG

  • Sandro Sehner, Dr.
  • Francisco Edvaldo de Oliveira Terceiro, Dr.
  • Kaja Wierucka, Dr.
  • Alice Godard
  • Flavia Mobili
  • Ludovica Boggiani
  • Dr. Yitzchak Ben Mocha
  • Dr. Alejandro Sanchez
  • Dr. Yvonne Zürcher
  • Alexandra Kissling
  • Florine Ermatinger
  • Heinz Galli
  • Dr. Christa Finkenwirth
    Individual Variation in Prosociality of Group-living Common Marmosets: Assessing the Role of Oxytocin and Social Bonding
  • Dr. Sonja Koski
    Personality in common marmosets
  • Ruben Richiger
    Group service in spider monkeys, Master thesis, December 2012
  • Dr. Anke Bullinger
    Cooperative problem solving in chimpanzees and common marmosets
  • Zaida Kosonen
    Group service in capuchin and squirrel monkeys, Master thesis, December 2011
  • Dr. Aleksandra Kupferberg
    Agency cues relevant for action understanding in common marmosets
  • Sara Wiesendanger
    Group service experiments in chimpanzees, Master thesis, April 2011
  • Romana Schmon
    Action understanding and Theory of Mind in common marmosets, Master thesis, Mai 2011
  • Dr. Claudia Rudolf v. Rohr
    Evolutionary roots of morality: Social norms and policing in chimpanzees
  • Dr. Stephan Lehner
    Innovation & cumulative culture in orang-utans
  • Dr. Adrian Jaeggi
    Evolutionary roots of morality: Cooperation and altruism
  • Oliver Allon
    Group service in common marmosets. April 2010
  • Dominique Haiden
    Innovation in wild orang-utans, Master thesis, June 2010
  • Denise Camenisch
    Marmoset social learning: Is there a conformity bias?, Master thesis, January 2010
  • Katja Rüth
    Ontogeny of prosociality in human infants, Master thesis, December 2009
  • Jacqueline Huber
    How general is spontaneous prosociality in common marmosets?, Master thesis, July 2009
  • Rebecca Furrer
    Spontaneous prosociality in common marmosets: Dyad- or individual-specific property?, Master thesis, March 2008
  • Maria Foglia
    Social learning in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): Assessing individual differences using a video task, Master thesis, June 2007
  • Andrea Strasser
    Innovation: Individual differences in problem solving in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), Master thesis, November 2006