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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Dr. Jody Weissmann

Jody Weissmann, Dr

044 635 54 26
Room number
Y42 K-06


Agent-based modelling

In the past years i have implemented the highly parallelizable agent-based simulation framework QHG. QHG has been used successfully for vatious karge scale studies of human dispersal under climatic stress, as well as interaction with other hominids.

To diplay our results we implemented a file-plugin for the visualisation software VisIt, to enable it to read and display our data files (a subset of the HDF file format).

QHG is an open source project and is currently hosted on github


About Me

After graduating in Mathematics at the University of Zurich in 1987, I received a MSc in Computer Science at the Heriott-Watt University in Edinburgh in 1989. This was followed by a period of time where i worked as a programmer for several small companies. In 1998 I started PhD studies at the Institut für Informatik at the University of Zurich and got my PhD in 2003. After my PhD I coauthored two books ("Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists I+II") and was involved in the "CoreITeM" project, which centered on an on-line course of Mathematics.

From 2005 to 2022 1 worked in Prof Zollikofers CAP group where i implement various simulations, most notably QHG.