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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Jessie Adriaense

Jessie Adriaense, Dr.

Research interests

I’m a comparative psychologist interested in the evolution of social behaviour such as empathy and cooperation. My research focusses on proximate mechanisms and empirical methods, and I work with different avian and primate species, using non-invasive behavioural, cognitive, and physiological techniques. My training is in affective neuroscience and experimental psychology, and I employ concepts from ethology and behavioral ecology. During my PhD (University of Vienna, Austria) I studied the emotional basis of empathy and emotional contagion.

My current Post-Doc project is part of the NCCR Evolving Language, and I investigate action coordination in common marmosets to further understand the evolution of joint action and cooperation.


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Adriaense, J. E. C., Šlipogor, V., Hintze, S., Marshall, L., Lamm, C., & Bugnyar, T. (2021). Watching others in a positive state does not induce optimism bias in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), but leads to behaviour indicative of competition. Animal cognition, 24(5), 1039-1056.

Norman, K. I., Adriaense, J. E., & Nicol, C. J. (2019). The impact of early structural enrichment on spatial cognition in layer chicks. Behavioural processes, 164, 167-174.

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