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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Lucio Vinicius

Lucio Vinicius, Dr.

  • Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Cumulative Culture:

  • how and why did hominins evolve unique cognitive and cultural abilities?


  • through which key steps did primate communication evolve into human language?
  • what do fNIRS and brain imaging tell us about the links between language and tool use evolution?

Social evolution:

  • which factors promoted the emergence of complex social networks in Homo sapiens?


BIO 215 Evolution of Human Behaviour (Fall)

BIO 210 Human Behavioural Ecology and Cultural Evolution (Fall, block course with Prof. Andrea Migliano)

BIO 208 Current Debates in Evolutionary Biology and Human Evolution (Fall, block course with Prof Andrea Migliano)


Full List:

Selected Publicatons:

  • Cultural evolution:
    Hunter-gatherer multilevel sociality accelerates cumulative cultural evolution
    AB Migliano, F Battiston, S Viguier, AE Page, M Dyble, R Schlaepfer, ..., L Vinicius
    Science advances 6 (9), eaax5913 (2020).

    Cooperation and the evolution of hunter-gatherer storytelling
    D Smith, P Schlaepfer, K Major, M Dyble, AE Page, J Thompson, ..., L Vinicius, AB Migliano
    Nature communications 8 (1), 1-9 (2017)
  • Social evolution:
    Characterization of hunter-gatherer networks and implications for cumulative culture
    AB Migliano, AE Page, J Gómez-Gardeñes, GD Salali, S Viguier, M Dyble, ..., L Vinicius
    Nature Human Behaviour 1 (2), 1-6 (2017)

    Sex equality can explain the unique social structure of hunter-gatherer bands
    Dyble, GD Salali, N Chaudhary, A Page, D Smith, J Thompson, ..., L Vinicius, AB Migliano

    Science 348 (6236), 796-798 (2015)
  • Language:
    Geographical and social isolation drive the evolution of Austronesian languages
    C Padilla-Iglesias, E Gjesfjeld, L Vinicius
    PloS one 15 (12), e0243171 (2021)

    Speech, stone tool-making and the evolution of language
    DM Cataldo, AB Migliano, L Vinicius
    PloS one 13 (1), e0191071 (2018)