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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology

Evolutionary Anthropology Collection

Guidelines for accessing the collection at the Anthropological Institute and Museum at the University of Zurich

The collection curated by the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Zurich are significant, having grown over the past 120-years it now includes approximately 15,500 items. The vast majority of the collection is made up of human and non-human primate skeletal remains from across the globe, but also fossils, hominin and hominoid casts, mummies, cadavers, and hair and skin samples. 

To request access to the collection, researchers are asked to send an email with the following information to the curator (Dr. Colin Shaw) at:

  • First and last Name:
  • E-Mail address:
  • Institutional affiliation and address:
  • Desired arrival date (DD/MM/YYYY):
  • Duration of visit (number of days):
  • Purpose of your visit, summary of your research project, specimens/samples you desire to use, data acquisition methods (i.e., bones, wet specimens, etc.):
  • Is your work destructive (e.g., involves tissue extraction, etc.)? yes, no
  • If you wish to use destructive methods, please specify exactly what you intend to do: